Natuurboerderij Lammerburen Telefoonnummer 0594-591474 / 06-21667486

Aan het Reitdiep bij Lammerburen een vogelkijkhut/schilders-atelier. Klik hier voor een impressie.

Op 18 april 2013 is  Green-kids van Telekids op Lammerburen geweest. (klik hier)
Lammerburen, Oldehove / Nature farm  (or natural farm)

In the northern part of the nature area known as Middag Humsterland lies the nature farm Lammerburen. Old stables have been converted to an information centre. In here you can find information about the culture and the history of Middag Humsterland. It also provides information about the beautiful flora and fauna and the protected landscapes.

Flora and Fauna
A visit to the farm could make it very worthwhile as it is the oldest breeding place in Groningen of the Little Owl. Furthermore it is the only place where the beautiful and rare Spin Kingcup (Caltha Palustris) is found.

After a visit to the information centre you have the opportunity to go out and explore the area yourself. Equipped with a walking map you can make your way across the fields and the banks of the Rietdiep. You can continue your adventure across the Humsterland dike and the Wierde. The distinctive Humsterland dike is scattered with wild flowers that look their best during the summer months. Also many butterflies, dragonflies and birds can be admired in this area.

There is always something of interest happening at the farm. During the summer months of July and August thematic evenings are being organized providing information about the Little Owl and other owls active is this area. There are also special group presentations about the activities in and around the farm. For schools we have arranged various education programmes about the natural landscape of Middag Humsterland.

Groups are requested to make an appointment before visiting the farm. To make an appointment you can call the number on top of the page or write